Saturday, 3 August 2013

Play Cafe Torquay - Review

Today we visited the Play Cafe in Torquay for the first time and we had a lovely time.

I couldn't get over how clean and new it all looked, they must have spent a lot of money on it. (My rubbish phone photos doesn't do it justice!)
There is a big play frame in the middle and a smaller toddler frame to the side. There is also a separate baby area with a gate on it.

We personally didn't eat while we were there, just had a cuppa, but my friend had some food and it looked really nice and the prices seemed very reasonable. 

One thing that I was really impressed with is the toilets, yes I know I'm weird, but they were really good. They were great for little ones and had everything you need in there for potty training and nappy changes etc. They were also very clean. 

There was also very funky lights above the sinks which I thought was cool (simple things).

While I was busy admiring the toilets (I need to get out more) I noticed a poster for a Summer Special offer...

 So there you have it our first trip to the play cafe. It's a shame I didn't get some more photos, I was too busy nattering with my friends.

If you haven't been to the play cafe before I would definitely recommend it. We are looking forward to going back again.


  1. I wish that there was something like that where I live! It looks like fun.

    1. It was great, one of the best around here x

  2. This looks great! I will have to visit.
    I've just moved to Devon (Newton Abbot) and am trying to find my feet!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks


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