Saturday, 2 March 2013

Escot - 'The Natural Place' Review

 'Escot is the natural place for a great family day out'

This half term we spent one of our days at Escot near Ottery St Mary and I thought I'd share our experience with you.
We went on their Red Squirrel day which meant that all children were free which made it fantastic value for money as I had four children with me.
Normally it costs £8.50 per adult and £7.00 per child or you can get a family ticket (2+2) for £29.00. Which seems to be about the norm for day out prices these days.

As we have never been to Escot before I didn't really know what to expect and to be honest I don't really think I was expecting much but I was so wrong!
There was so much there to do and even though we spent the entire day there we still didn't get to see everything that Escot has to offer. 

We started our day off by getting completely lost in the huge maze, which was interesting with four children all going in different directions!

After we finally found our way out (with only a little bit of cheating) we headed up towards the play barn. From the outside it doesn't look like much at all but then you step in through the door to a wash of bright colour and lots of fun things to climb, run and jump on. 

There's a section for older children an also an area for toddlers. The barn also has tables and chairs in it so you could stop here to have your picnic lunch if the weather wasn't great. 
The play barn was just as good as any other indoor soft play place that you would go to and you could probably spend hours just in there.
When I finally managed to get the four I had out of there we followed our map up towards the storytellers corner and we found a park with swings, a climbing frame, a train and some tunnels.

 After this we headed towards the Death Slide...

Now that thing was terrifying! Well it was for me but the kids loved it, they just have no fear. Apart from my four year old that got all the way up there, took one look over the edge and then decided better of it and promptly came back down (the stairs) and sat and had his picnic instead. He's a wise one that one.
When the kids had had enough of an adrenalin rush we carried on towards the red squirrels, which were all asleep, tucked up in their beds, so no photos I'm afraid.

We then made our way through the trees, there is a never ending supply of great climbing trees here.

and we headed for the bug playground and pirate ship...

 Here you will find slides, poles, a massive pirate ship, climbing frames and rope bridges...

By this point the little ones were starting to feel a bit worn out so we started to head back towards the start and then we found the otters...

They were very sweet and my youngest, who is 2, was fascinated by them. She spent the entire time with her face stuck right up against the glass while they squeaked at her from the other side.

We then found some more animals in the pets corner and the beautiful birds of prey.

While carrying on towards the exit we had to go past the play barn again and miraculously the younger two suddenly had a burst of energy so we went and had another play in there.

Just before we reached the exit we noticed the Saxon Village which we must have missed on the way in (everyone had maze on their minds) so we had a quick look in there. It was very authentic and everyone was dressed in full Saxon attire. The kiddies toasted some marshmallows around the open fire. Sorry no pics of this, I was more concerned about watching the little ones to make sure no one ended up in the fire!

and finally we made it to the exit. On the way back to the car I also noticed a sign for the Wetlands which is a whole other area that we didn't get to explore.

 So there you have it, our day at Escot. It was a fabulous day out and thoroughly enjoyed by all. 

Obviously I haven't covered all that Escot has to offer (that would be one monster post!) but if you go to their website then they have all the details on there or why not go to Escot and see for yourself.


  1. We are off to Devon over t he summer so will defo try to get here! I love Devon. Spent a lot of time in Paignton area when I was little as my Dad worked on the Paignton and Dartmouth Steam Railway. Still does! x

    1. You should do it's a great day out. We like going over to Paignton especially now they have the new big fancy park on the seafront. We've never been on the railway yet but I bet my son would love it, have to put it on my list of places to visit x

  2. We live in East Devon and got annual tickets for Escot for around £20 each (free for 3 and under). It is great value and we go at least once a week to the outdoor or indoor play areas.

    1. That sounds great and well worth the money. I will have to look into that x


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