Sunday, 14 October 2012


Hi I'm Devon Mummy,

I have two little ones and we spend a lot of time at under 5 groups, at Children's Centres or just generally out and about in South East Devon.
I was so fed up with not be able to find all the information I needed in the same place, wasting hours surfing the web and so... Devon mummy was born.
I've tried to colate an array of information that other mummies out their might find useful. 

If any of the above sound like you then you're in the right place.
If you have any other child friendly places to visit, child friendly places to eat or any other child related thing that you want to share with other Devon mummies then just give me a shout and I'll add it to this blog.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my site xx


  1. Looks great Gina, wish I lived over there, I had to scour the internet for similar things in my area too, nice to have it all in one place x

    1. We have only lived here for just over a year so still finding lots of great new places to visit x


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